2021 Call for Presentations

NEW Deadline for submission: March 15, 2021 March 31, 2021 

The High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) is one of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious high tech crimes non-profit organizations in existence today. HTCIA’s primary focus is to encourage, promote, aid and effect the voluntary interchange of data, information, experience, ideas, and knowledge about methods, processes, and techniques relating to high tech crimes. Many of these goals are accomplished by hosting training summits around the world. Past speakers at our conferences have gone on to become prominent leaders, innovators, authors, educators, and corporate executives.

To continue with this tradition of excellence, and to remain on the cutting edge of technology we invite you to submit a concept paper on any of the following proposed topics and labs listed below. The list is not all-inclusive so please feel free to submit your paper even if it is not listed.

Speaking Opportunities - 2021

  • Canada Cyber Summit - May 2021
  • International Conference - September 2021
  • Quarterly or Monthly Chapter Meeting - Throughout 2021
  • Member Webinar - 5 Opportunities in 2021
  • Recorded Content for Upload to LMS

Proposed Topics

  • Tools and Techniques 
  • Case Law
  • High Tech Investigations
  • RAM Analysis
  • Cyber Terrorism
  • Dark Web
  • Computer Forensics
  • Digital Video and Audio Forensics
  • Network Forensics
  • Cryptography
  • Mobile Devices E-discovery
  • Vehicular Forensics 
  • Other Topics as Appropriate (i.e. Drones, Internet Updates, etc.)

Procedures for Submitting a Presentation for Review

  • Lectures and labs are to be submitted via the online form
  • All information must be submitted by the deadline (March 31, 2021) or the submission will not be considered
  • Lecture and lab titles must clearly communicate the content of the program. Brief presentation descriptions will be listed online
  • The abstract should be no longer than two pages
  • Submissions must be submitted in Microsoft Word format and APA style is preferred
  • Accepted submissions will be presented 1 or 2 times during the conference 
  • Lectures are 1 hour and labs are 2 hours.  
  • If you are submitting a Lab for consideration, please indicate if you will bring computers for all attendees
  • Spell out abbreviations or acronyms

Lectures and Labs Proposed as a Series
If your proposal is in conjunction with a series of proposed lectures or labs, please state this intent (eg: This is lecture one of two). Please note if your lecture or lab is only to be considered in conjunction with the series or if the presentation can be accepted independent of the other proposed in the series.

Review and Acceptance
Each lecture and lab will be reviewed by peers. Criteria for acceptance will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Lecture and lab timeliness and relevancy of content
  • Educational value of content
  • Lecture and lab objectives outline the learner outcomes and meet the objectives
  • Is the presentation thorough and professional
  • Speaker qualifications
  • If the presenter is commercially vested in the product did he/or she provide a clear understanding of how they will present their session without giving the audience a sales pitch

Promotion of Materials/Non-Commercial Presentations
HTCIA lectures and labs are learning experiences and are to remain free of commercial influence. Vested interest in lectures or labs does not prevent a submission from being accepted, but the relationship must be disclosed to participants.

If selected, a presenter should state their connection/interest at the beginning of the presentation. Marketing material may be available online to download at their discretion. Sales of products/materials are to be conducted during exhibit sessions. For information on exhibiting, please contact Karen Hill (click here).

Please review the information below for in-person conferences. Scroll down to review information for online conference. 

Meeting Room Set-up
All lecture rooms will be set in crescent half rounds. 
All lab rooms will be set in classroom-style seating.

Audio Visual Equipment
HTCIA will provide the following for the meeting rooms:

  • One lectern (wired) microphone if the meeting room holds fewer than 75 people
  • One wireless microphone if the meeting room holds more than 75 people
  • LCD projector and screen
  • A certain number of Lab rooms will be set with computers
  • Head table with two chairs (upon request if a panel discussion is being conducted)

Online Conference Set-up and AV
HTCIA will provide a video conference platform for online meetings, and will host up to three training days to host individual rehearsals with speakers. To provide the best experience for attendees, speakers are asked to: 

  • Utilize webcam, and turn video on while presenting
  • Utilize headset, microphone, or other audio equipment to ensure clear lecture audio
  • Ensure internet connection speed can accommodate audio and video streaming
  • Secure appropriate conference room or office space free of distraction, background noise, or interruption

If you are selected to present at HTCIA’s conference, please view this engagement as you would any other professional commitment. Sharing your knowledge is a valuable contribution to the field and to the participants of your session. With the exception of emergency situations, we request your full commitment. Speakers who unreasonably cancel may not be considered for future events.

Honorarium and Expenses
As a non-profit educational association, HTCIA does not pay an honorarium for presentations. Presenters must also cover their own travel and any costs associated with the lecture or lab. HTCIA does not print handouts for distribution.

Conference Registration
HTCIA is pleased that you have decided to submit a lecture or lab for consideration. If your abstract is accepted, you will be required to register for the conference and make your own travel and housing arrangements. A registration code will be provided to all speakers for complimentary meeting registration. 

Important Deadlines

  • March 31, 2021 - Submission of abstracts, contact information and bios are due. All abstracts are to be submitted electronically through the online form here

**Presenters are responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyrighted material from other sources and may be required to submit said authorization**

All questions should be directed to Karen Hill, HTCIA Meeting Planner (click here).