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"High Tech Crime Investigation Training for Investigators by Investigators"

The High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA) was formed to provide education and collaboration to our global members for the prevention and investigation of high tech crimes.

As such, we are an organization that aspires to help all those in the high technology field by providing extensive information, education, collective partnerships, mutual member benefits, astute board leadership and professional management.

Benefits of Membership

  • Live in-person and online training
  • Training library of on-demand training videos
  • A network of over 2,000 members from around the world
  • Access to local meetings
  • A variety of regional and international conferences, in addition to an international Cyber Summit Series
  • Online community with active listservs on investigation topics
  • And more!

Qualifications for Membership

Peace Officers, Investigators, and Prosecuting Attorneys engaged in the investigation and/or prosecution of criminal activity associated with computers and/or advanced technologies. Each member shall be regularly employed by the Federal Government, State Government, Counties, and/or Municipal subdivisions of any state, or Management Level and Senior Staff Security Professionals in the regular employ of private business or Industry in the various states, the primary duties of which, are the control and responsibility for security and/or investigation in computer or advanced technology environments, or by virtue of his/her position or interest can provide, or have a need for information and training in the areas of computer and/or advanced technologies. Public or private industry professionals in the fields of Digital Forensics, Cybercrime, Information Security or Open Source Intelligence.

You may be eligible for membership if:

If you are an investigator in: Law Enforcement, Regulatory Agencies, Military, Corporate Investigations, Corporate Legal Counsel, Brand Protection, Sciences, Auditors, Prosecutorial Offices, private security industry professionals.

If you work in the following sectors: Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, Nanotechnology, Food Production, Manufacturing, Transportation, Education, Government, Utilities, Intellectual Property Law, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Homeland Security and Homeland Defense Contractors, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Consulting

You investigate any of the following crimes: Intellectual Property Theft - All Types, Network Intrusions, Denial of Service and Theft of Information, Identity Theft, Industrial Control System Intrusions, Fraud and Theft, Trafficking in Drugs, Humans, or Weapons, Harassment, Bullying, Stalking or Crimes Against a Person, Bio-Tech, Cyber, Chemical or Nuclear Terrorism, Other Related Crimes

For information about our policy regarding criminal defense work, please see our defense membership policy page.


  • Chapter Member – supported by online webinars and 4 yearly training and networking meetings within a specific chapter’s geographical area and can attend any chapters training and networking meetings with proper chapter notification.
  • At-Large Member  supported by online webinars and can attend any chapters training and networking meetings with proper chapter notification.
  • Student Member – supported by a local chapter through online webinars and 4 yearly training and networking meetings. Non- voting member.

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