Although investigators who are criminal defense experts are not typically eligible for membership, we do make a few limited exceptions. If:

  • You are employed by an entity (military or governmental) that does not distinguish between prosecution or defense
  • You are a member of an International chapter where the national legal system does not distinguish between prosecution or defense; you reside and practice in that country; you do not perform defense work in any country that does make that distinction.
  • You are subpoenaed to testify by the defense in a matter you investigated for your agency or employer.
  • You are employed by a software/hardware vendor who must testify for the defense how your company’s product operates or functions as part of a service or legal agreement when sold.
  • You have received an exemption from a majority vote of their chapter membership, after a proper notice consistent with these bylaws. Such exemptions are:
  • Limited to one per year, per member;
  • Only granted by chapters in cases where the member volunteers their expertise and is paid no compensation;
  • Revokable by the International Executive Committee within 30 days of receiving notice of the chapter’s granting of same. If no decision is made by the International Executive Committee within 30 days, the Chapter membership’s vote stands. However, a revocation of an exemption by the International Committee is final.