HTCIA Fall 2020 President Update.


I hope everyone is well and surviving the pandemic. HTCIA has been moving forward and handling our International approach to the pandemic. That approach has been, through our staff and the volunteer officers using the available technology, to keep giving members a quality training program. Each chapter has stepped up to go virtual with the local events and adopt the concepts of distance learning and meetings.

As everyone knows our 2020 International conference was virtual. The conference went better than expected. We had a great attendance considering the pandemic. The support from our vendors was tremendous and we are grateful for their continued participation in HTCIA events. Our supporting vendors have also been making themselves available to the chapters for presentations on their products.

The International Board of Directors (IBD) met (virtually) at the International conference. We had a productive meeting and good interaction with the chapter presidents that were present. The International Executive Committee (IEC) is working on several recommendations that the IBD has requested.

Looking forward to 2021. I am sure that the new year will bring another set of challenges for all of us. HTCIA as an organization will meet those challenges and provide our membership with the best ongoing professional development available. Please stay informed with your chapters trainings and keep supporting our vendors.

We all look forward to hearing from everyone.
Todd G. Shipley
HTCIA President