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Modern Mobile and Computer Forensics with Belkasoft and the Latest Advances in iOS Forensics - SoCal Chapter Webinar
Wednesday, June 03, 2020, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PDT
Category: Webinar

Wednesday, June 3, 2020, from 12 pm - 1:30 pm

This month's first webinar chapter meeting will be presented by Belkasoft via GoToMeeting. (See below for link & details.)

Title: Modern Mobile and Computer Forensics with Belkasoft and the Latest Advances in iOS Forensics

Summary: iOS forensics has been a hot topic over the last few years. Apple is constantly strengthening its security measures on their devices such as iPhones, iPADs and others. This was designed to prevent hackers and by doing so law enforcement investigators access to its devices, Things like remote phone wiping, not allowing the passing of data through lightning cable, requests to enter a PIN after potentially suspicious actions (like changing a SIM card), 6-digit PIN by default etc, make digital investigations much more difficult. There are, however, some breakthrough advances in the field of Apple device forensics, such as checkm8 and checkra1n jailbreak and other new exploits. These advances gave investigators the forgotten possibility to acquire so called "full file system copy", which has far more data than a regular iTunes backup. Under some circumstances there is a possibility to acquire data even without a jailbreak!

New version of Belkasoft Evidence Center supports an important feature of checkm8-based acquisition. This feature can extract data from both unlocked and locked devices. Yuri Gubanov, CEO and founder of Belkasoft will speak about the latest advances in iOS forensics with Belkasoft, will demo the checkm8-based extractions. He will also briefly show other important functions of the latest version of Belkasoft Evidence Center, one of three best DFIR commercial software pieces of year 2020 per Forensic 4:Cast Award (https://forensic4cast.com/forensic-4cast-awards/2020-forensic-4cast-awards/).

Presenter Bio: Yuri Gubanov is a recognized digital forensics expert. He is a frequent speaker at industry-known conferences such as HTCIA, Techno Security, EnFuse/CEIC, FT-Day, CAC, CACP, ICDDF, and others. Yuri organizes his own digital forensic conference in Europe. Yuri is the Founder and CEO of Belkasoft, the manufacturer of digital forensic software empowering police departments in more than 130 countries. With years of experience in digital forensics and security domain, Yuri led forensic training courses for multiple law enforcement departments in several countries. Besides, Yuri is a senior lecturer in St-Petersburg State University.

Meeting details: GoToMeeting. Make sure to click the link below 5-10 minutes in advance since it will take some time to configure if you haven’t yet used GoToMeeting before.

Contact: Edmund Cheung, SoCal HTCIA President