April 24, 2020

Hello HTCIA Colleagues,

The changes in our collective lives has had an affect on your HTCIA as well. Your international office and the IEC have been able to rapidly respond to those changes. Some of the things we had in place prior to the Corona Virus outbreak and some things like the Canadian Cyber summit move online caused us to re-evaluate how we conduct a conference. We hope everyone is doing well and following your countries guidelines for self-isolating and distancing.

HTCIA is still working hard to provide you as a member value for your membership. The core function of the HTCIA is to create training for investigators by investigators through a variety of opportunities. In support of these concepts the biggest addition HTCIA has is our new Training Portal. If you login into the members section of the website you will see your access to the Training Portal. Login and take a look.

The HTCIA Canada Cyber Summit has been moved online as a virtual event taking place over four days from May 5-8, 2020. Please consider looking at this as a training option this year.

Remember, you can use the member portal to communicate with other HTCIA members! Go out and recruit new members to HTCIA. If you can plan to attend the International Conference in Phoenix this year, go to a chapter conference (many are going online so you can attend from anywhere in the world). HTCIA is a membership driven organization and your participation is what makes the HTCIA a great organization. Participate in HTCIA, be a chapter leader if you can, if you can’t just attend a meeting online or physically.

Thanks for your participation and support in HTCIA.
Todd G. Shipley President HTCIA